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that the city funds generally speaking. so, the basic way that the model works, is that tenants will contact us with building repair issues that they have not been able to resolve once they have taken the first steps of you know, contacting their landlord and perhaps, even writing letters, etc. and we are able then to sort of help them navigate through the system and get in contact with dbi when we need to. and then, as jamie mentioned work with the land lords as well. we contact the apartment association in some cases and have them sort of work on the other end speaking to the landlord complying with codes and all of that. and we have had great success. the other thing that it allows us to do is a little bit of a more of a case management model. some of our counseling that we do it is really where we are only able to sort of do an in and out and advise them a little bit and send them on the way and with this, we are able to do follow up calls and we send out post cards saying has your issue been resolved and we will track the cases thoroughly. if the people are not getting anywhere, we are abl
anticipates retrieving -- within the contract, he anticipated retrieving the machines, using the machines for his future projects or reselling them on the open market. >> so, there is a salvage value -- >> owe yes. these machines -- the machines that will be used to build the central subway are essentially new machines. * oh, these machines have a fairly, very -- they can be reused and refurbished and they're used throughout the world in other projects that would use that same diameter. >> great. the one final question while i have you here, the north beach station option is clearly not before us today. but my understanding is nothing we're doing here would preclude that possibility. in other words, it actually would make it possible to have a north beach station by continuing the tunnel to north beach and providing a site where possibly a future station pending environmental review could be built? >> that's correct. we're not doing anything that would preclude a north beach station or make it more difficult to construct in the future. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. well, a few
of type of ammunition that is in lethal property designed for use by military personnel. anything sold black talent which was designed with sharp prongs to cause significant injury upon impact. any ammunition designated by manufactures to sale to law enforcement or military agencies only, any ammunition that serves no sporting purpose and any ammunition to disbanned or other objects that are intended to increase the damage of the target. now the ordinances also required by the police department to create and maintain a public data base of brands and product lines of ammunition meeting the definition of this ordinance. the second ordinance would actually expand on the city's existing record requirements by requiring that any person selling 500 or more rounds of ammunition to someone in a single transaction they must report the sale to the police chief within 24 hours. this is required for anyone who sells ammunition in the city or delivers to city addresses. san francisco violence -- while legislation is not a panacea it is another tool for our efforts to address gun violence. since in
mixes us up with the criminal grand jury. now we know what the civil grand jury is. thank you. i do have a message of thanks from theedthv the president of the california grand jurors association. unfortunately because of health reasons i cannot attend the grand jury public service announcement narrated by the lieutenant governor gavin newsome. so i cannot be here personally to thank you, i use this message to relay my appreciation and thanks as the president of the california grand jurors association to all those involved in the creation, production and ultimate distribution of the psa. i hope you liked it by the way, when you watched it. >> they did a great job. it was great. [laughter] >> first and foremost we thank the lieutenant governor, the star of the production, for lending his presence, prestige, and stature and or -- or ratory to the project. ken mali, script writer, director and producer brought this idea to reality. * we also acknowledge and thank the man behind the camera, richard. and who edited and filmed the psa. and finally my thanks to my tga partner and our vice pre
residents, business owners and community groups in the valencia nct. while we were granted conditional use at that time, our operating hours were unexpectedly restricted. we thought a 1:00 a.m. closure time with all customers off the premises by 2:00 a.m.. we were told by the commission president to return some time after business to remove the restriction and i stand before you to do that here today. since opening west of pecos we had no noise complaints, no alcohol beverage violation and no police issues. we are in a single story building with no residential neighborses above us and have a good relationship with the neighbors to the rear of the building. to one side there is a single story furniture store that's closed at night and the other side are portable library restaurant and blondie's bar and grill to the establishments on the block during the evening. [speaker not understood]. i have p become an active member in the merchant community and sit on the board of the merchants business association and a newer group known as the valencia corridor merchants association. for the hearing
have a pretty full agenda all right. is it possible for us not to schedule other abatement appeals for that date? >> you mean the other ones in addition to that? >> right. because otherwise, we will be in the majority of the meeting will become the abatement appeals board. that is my concern. >> i am not sure but i will speak to the staff and the other city attorneys for the abatement *. i will follow up on that for you. >> okay item should be ten. it is the discussion and possible action regarding ongoing litigation. item 11 a. is public comment on all matters pertaining to the closed session. and item, is there any public comment before we go to the vote to go to closed session? >> and seeing none, item b, vote on whether to hold closed session with legal counsel. is there a motion to go to closed session? >> i move. >> second. >> okay. >> >> commissioners in favor? >> aye >> any opposed? >> we are now in closed session. it is 11:54 a.m.. >> item 11 d. reconvene in open session to vote on whether to disclose any or all discussions held in the closed session. >> is there a motion
believe that we are rushing this at a rate that does not give us the ability to support. >> commissioner borden. >> i feel quite a bit differently. you know, we have -- the fundamental difference in this project and the project we saw a couple years ago was full demolition of the older building, which was pretty much been kind of a shed standing for quite sometime versus a total demolition. i mean, i always argue about i'm not always confused about de facto or actual demolition. but in all intents and purposes, the previous project we approved didn't even look like the same project although it was not considered a total demolition. now we have a total demolition and we basically have fundamentally the same project before us. the issues, we may have -- we have drawings in front of us and maybe they're not color rendering. but substantially everything about this project, the size and the scope, the only difference that we talked about is the size of the use for the restaurant there being whether or not it was commercial use, other commercial use incorporated. but i haven't actually heard a
the street. >> but the atms that people access for people is inside or outside the room? >>> outside. the use of the atm is done in the vestibule itself. >> but it faces kind of sideways, not toward the street? >>> exactly. >> okay. it sounds like it helps at least with the signage not facing the street. and i think you're hearing that people don't want the signage necessarily of the atm [speaker not understood]. >> yes, i understand there is concern about the number of signs we put on the buildings. the amount of blue illumination. i will certainly take that strongly into account when we design the signage package of the building. * >> commissioner antonini. >> yes, mr. sanchez, i think i've seen that decision from '54 many times, justification for discretionary review. it goes on to say it is a very sensitive discretion that has to be used with extreme caution, restraint. but in any case, the much larger issue in regards to the sign and color issue is design in general. you go to a lot of places in some communities, even other fairly large cities, and the formula retail establishment, banks
for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at anthoniescookies.com. if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/tumbler.com. see >> everyone deserves a bank account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account, things to an innovative program, bank on s.f. >> everyone is welcome, even if you are not a citizen or have bad credit to qualify for a bank account is simple. just live or work in san francisco and have a form of id. >> we started bank on s.f. six years ago to reach out to folks in the city who do not have a bank account. we wanted to make sure they know they have options which should be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be f
the buildings we're in today or the vacant land. the other indicator we use is the annual revenues that has been hoover over 4 percent. the bigger story is we've got one account that repeals half of the out standing amount and once we're able to resolve that the delinquent rate will drop. now predictably we lost money in the industrial space storage facilities and parking lot this was due to the america's cup project as well as the displacement where the crews ship term is being built. we need the city to rehe bureaus us dues to some complications has not generated revenue for us however, we're expecting a revenue reimburse time. a lot of those costs have been offset by parking lot meter funds >> good afternoon commissioner this is marilyn i'm from the medical examiner division financial analysts. on the maritime does the revenue is up by 21.4 percent. and it's from two sectors cargo. and by construction projects. and a one time shift from payment from the economy and taxes increase. on ship repair activity is up assault of drudging the basin completed in 2011 it allows bigger ships to come int
to everyone's attention that this year is also a very important year for us in san francisco unified school district. as our early education department is celebrating its 70th anniversary. and this is incredible on a number of fronts, where we see school districts across the country that are doing away with the early childhood programs in san francisco, we have continued to invest and we see it in early in the childhood program. if you think back we are in the throws of world war ii and parents were off to factories to fight in the war and this community made a commitment to the youngest citizens that they would be safe while everyone threw themselves into the war effort. we have evolved into one of the finest education programs not only in california but in the nations. i would like to congratulate, everyone administrators and everyone that has been involved in the 70 years of the unified san francisco school district. congratulations [ applause ] . >> and lastly, i would also like to on behalf of all of the students in the community in san francisco, extend my heart-felt condolences to th
streets are the only two formula retail uses. by the whole foods located at the southwest corner of 17th and rhode island street is [speaker not understood], falls within the mur zoning district where formula retail uses are principally permitted. the sbaeerctiontionv at kansas and 16th street is the only other financial service or bank formula retail or otherwise located within this contiguous umu zoning district. and while the umu zoning district encourages wide uses, residential, retail offices and [speaker not understood], currently located within this contiguous umu district. regarding public comment, to date the department has received no public comment on this project. in order for the project to move forward, the planning commission must grant conditional use authorization to allow a new formula retail use within this umu zoning district. the department believes this is a necessary and desirable project because no overconcentration of formula retail uses exist within the contiguous umu zoning district because the contiguous umu zoning district currently contains very few neighbor
. it took a long time. and so there are some elements of this - and i should say since we've used it we're talking about at risk facilities that is true again. as some of the piers are, you know, classified as what we decide to say they're at risk and in danger of becoming red tagged it means we can't operate them. so the financial scoring criteria then will grab that idea if the pier is flipped from red tag to yellow tag that will cause it to score higher. so this does work into our priorities. and commissioner adams you say you have reference to the federal funding. for each of the piers that become red tagged or yellow tagged for example pier and a half the approach to that is two tier and we're deferring that project and hopefully, a larger project will capture that. now we're spending money to extend the pier. so really we take them only a case by case basis. but in terms of next steps what really what happened is this all factored into the priortion of the budget and those projects got budgeted. we spent a lot of time on and we've proved it works. so i'll go back to the presentati
worldwide an action that has shift us about violence against woman and girls. girls, i demand that tonight and every night that there is a community of mothers and fathers and grand mothers and grandfathers neighbors and friends brothers and stand together with woman and girls in san francisco and i stand tonight in the name of claire joyce sin fan coa 28 -years-old filipino woman murdered in front of her young children and i also stand topped in the memory of julie frays cowho was board of trusteesly beat to death on her birthday because she want today leave her a beautiful marriage. i stand tonight in memory of marriesa corpus who was savagely stabbed to death by her husband after he completed his goo week battle intersection program and i stand for nicole who survived rape by u.s. you guys military. and so i ask you to stand with me to say no to domestic violence so rape and sexual crime to say no to human trafficking and to stand tonight for every victim and survivor here in san francisco. but most importantly, let us dance tonight for those who feel need to find courage to leave the a
the institutions that have served us so well over the last half century. they are dramatically changing. you see it certainly in media. you've seen it in the financial service industry now increasingly serving the music industry. and you see it in city government. you are a big participant in that dramatic evolution or what i would argue, the dramatic punctuation point in terms of the world we live in. i don't think it's cyclical. i think something dramatic is taking shape here as it relates to particularly the impact of technology is having on the world we're living in. we're living in a fish bowl. the whole idea of holding back information and keeping that information for those [speaker not understood] those in power, those days are over. age of amateurs, big is getting small, small is getting big. this democracy of voices, new contours of a new society, truly i think is being shaped. and, so, you are a big part of that. and i hope the spirit of engagement, civil grand jurors across the state, is respected in that light. as a supervisor, i was a big champion of you. as a marry was a little mor
and want us to continue to acted indicate violence here in san francisco and start a global movement. (applause) everyone here is touched by domestic violence. if you say you do know, it may be your co worker it could be your sister who doesn't want to speak out it could be your mother or grand mother. i do this in memory of a fellow co worker a fellow public sector attorney laura sweat who was murdered by her husband and in that moment, two young children were left without a mother. i do this in her memory and in hope that her children will no longer see anymore violence and i do this in the hope that the world will see no more violence. thank you for joining one billion rising. you have the power to save lives. (applause) thank you julie sue the president of the commission and the status of woman. are there vagina's around? yeah are there pussies here? , my name is medical knee mand har and i'm the president of the fill phenowoman's network one of the organizers of these events tonight. and i'm a survivor of domestic violence i i'm here ton because when i was 22 -years-old
fund. and then the use of the general re serve of 32.2 million. we are assuming you will need to use all of that reserve in order to balance the budget. and then the deposits to reserves, because of our increases to revenue, amount to 11 million. so, that brings us to a projected fund balance estimate of 174 million. as i mentioned before, 103 million of that was already committed to the year two. and the replenishment of the general re serve that we will be using this year needs to be incorporated in next year's budget, leaving us with a projected surplus of $38 million. so, the next slide provides you with a summary of our major tax revenue in the city and it shows you where the bulk of that surplus 72 million come from. and that is property transfer taxes, about $21 million over the budget as we are taking a look at the cash we've received thus far and estimating how much additional property tax revenue we will get for the reminder of the year. our second-largest is -- yes. >> if we can go back to the previous slide, the projected surplus, 38.3 million, how does that relate to the
, continue to help us on the exam process for the rest of the positions that we are trying to hire which are some it positions and some senior electrical inspecters and our permit technicians. as we expected the non-personal services are under non-expending because we get a lot of the bills at the end of the year. and then, in terms of the other expenditures, you know we continue with our services of other department and we have gotten the billings for the larger work orders so this is the... the city attorney services have come in less than i expected so i am going to discuss with them on this because we have referred many cases to them and i am not sure whether those are being picked up. and then, our program expenses, you know, are so small that it would not make any sense to spend a lot of time on those. >> the other thing that i would like to mention is that we are heading into the budget process and it is being submitted on friday and as i mentioned last time, it is kind of at that point there is a lot of discussions between, within the mayor's office and the controllers office and
this to the call of the chair without objection? thank you. and mr. evans, is there any other business before us? >> that concludes today's business, mr. chair. >> great. meeting adjourned. thank you, everyone. (meeting adjourned). .... >> i'm here to tell you that one billion rising is the biggest global axon the planet towards ending violence towards woman and girls. (applause). . today 20300s one billion rise something dancing up the will of the world to end vps against woman and girls once and for all we have expanded our list beyond country that is the united nations recognizes as countries and that is how large the response of your brother and is sisters around the world has been to this call and together we will make it so that this issue is never marginalized again. sphrafertion you have been rising all day long from coaching and marching across the bay bridge this morning. dancers who were just here now and trans for grace cathedral for welcoming us andel rio tonight will be tans adancing all night long and what better place to rise than at san francisco's beautiful city hall and
conditional use authorization and staff recommends that you recommend to the board of supervisors to approve the sud and height reclassification. * this concludes my presentation. i'm available for any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm brett gladstone, partner in the san francisco firm of hanson bridget. i'm here today speaking on behalf of the project sponsor royal campus. i'd like to introduce some members -- is it 3 minutes? some members of the team and i'd like them to stand up as i introduce them. first of all, my client [speaker not understood] campos. and my co-counsel, jonathan rodriguez. jonathan will be available for questions on construction issues and lease with the city if you have any. i'll be talking about the planning issues. i'd also like to introduce consultant martin kirkwood and consultant jorge mandragon. first, i'd like to thank the city, particularly scott sanchez and kevin guy, for their hard work on this in the recent weeks, and david chiu, supervisor chiu and his aide, justin true as well. this is the t
stalled but we can certainly always use for hope advocating for that and to that end we are advocating very hard. to your point also not being able to get on with the maritime. oftentimes it's the peapron. whether it's a public works project we are building those and we know there's demand. to that end i want to deliver the point that pier 17 was rebuilt and now the south side of 15 so those will be coming online >> obviously we're trying to figure out the next step. it sound we've got some new issues and i would ask that it's going to be sort of your new forecast. do you think when you come back next time are you going to have the rate of the issues of financing are we going to find ourselves with double financing issues >> i think we've got everything studied and we've got a rapid - we've got a very good handle on our port out lines including the yellow and red tags. the red tags could collapse we're going to increase our inspections. we would retag them and move on them to get the full facilities assessed. we're going to go back and look at those every 6 months or so and is if the
in front of the city, we really deeply appreciate the year of support that you have given us already last year and look forward to the continuing support of funding to backfill this. what it means to us specifically is that there's a long waiting list in the city. we have a long waiting list of people that need subsidized child care. a couple years ago it was about 3,000. right now it almost sits at 5,000 people waiting for child -- affordable child care slots. and the working families going to school, working very hard, if they didn't get this child care, specifically at our site, we would lose about 30 families and children. so, if they don't have subsidized child care, they might not be able to work, not go to school, not be productive citizens of san francisco. so, i urge you seriously to consider this for this year and in future years to help the families that we serve on a daily basis in san francisco because it makes a difference. and this city is taking leadership if you do support this. i appreciate the time and effort and hope you support this wholeheartedly. thank you. >> thank
it is been in existence, so therefore it is a non-conforming use in terms of being able to load it and unload in that area. they do have a customer dock in the front in the parking lot. the environmental review for this project stated, or it is exempt from the environmental review and there is not a traffic study or any requirement for that. as far as fire and loading, we have not checked that, and that is something that is reviewed after the approval of the conditional use. >> i am going to oppose the continuance, we have the legislation that we are responsible for and we will not always, if we are not willing to up hold in this case, then i fear, i know that one case is not supposed to set a precedent, but it will. i don't think that it is going to do something, although the orchard will talk to people merchants will say that it is not going to effect me and it is okay if i come in there and i can buy something cheaper. as far as the other issues, like loading, if we do pass it, we can take it up in, you know, just deal with it. >> commissioner antonini. >> i don't know if we are supposed t
for us. we also have hal smith who is on the board [speaker not understood], and our current foreperson, mark [speaker not understood]. would you like to say anything about your jury service? >> well, i'm very grateful, one, to be selected. two, to have an incredible group of jurors to work with, representative of all aspects of san francisco communities and educational background. and it's been incredible to view what the city has to offer in a really intimate way. and we look forward to carrying on a rich tradition of following up with past reports, doing past juries proud, and we look forward to putting out some good reports. >> thank you. we also have, and i'm not going to call you out because i don't want anybody to [speaker not understood] we have several current jurors here and a number of former jurors here also. as kate said, the california jurors is comprised of [speaker not understood]. at the chapter here, we very much [speaker not understood] with the courts in recruiting and publicizing what the grand jury is all about. most people you talk to don't know what the civil gra
couldn't say anything to us, too. >>> no, i think we're just glad that the action is being considered and the recommendations are positive. appreciate it. >> we need a motion. >> yes, there needs to be a motion. is there any additional public comment on this item? then there needs to be a motion. >> commissioner walker? >> yeah, i move to take the recommendation of staff and reverse the action and not assess these. >> second. >> okay, there is a first and a second. i'll take a roll call vote. president clinch? >> yes. >> vice president melgar? >> yes. >> commissioner lee? >> yes. >> commissioner mar? >> yes. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yes. >> and commissioner walker? >> yes. >> motion carries unanimously. case no. 67 77 3, 13 16 to 2022 mariposa street. owner of record and appellant richard e. thomas. action requested by appellant, the appellant is requesting that the order be reversed and that he be reimbursed for the cost of this appeal. >> is there somebody from the department to present? >> yes, rosemary. >> oh, sorry. >> good morning, members of the board. rosemary goff, housin
's why i think it's really important for us as san francisco to take this very responsible and balanced approach. the last thing i would say if you are using these kinds of weapons for sporting purposes and you are buying 500 rounds of ammunition, then, you should not be afraid of the chief of police knowing that in fact you are purchasing. i still don't understand why someone would need to buy more than five 500 rounds, it's not illegal. the fact that police are aware of it should not be a problem. we have two items before us. if we can get a motion. can i just ask a quick question? we received a number of e-mails and correspond ens and some angry calls. i do want to ask the question of captain oh larry, one person is questioning that hollow bullet points is necessary to self defense situation. he's saying self defense to these types of bullets is important and another person claims unfairly penalizes like herself in the district. can you respond to those? >> in regards to the first comment i would respond that it's not the bullet where you place it. it's that assist in your defense a
out the use he here. but what again is envisioned is a place where people can gather where there might be an opportunity for some kind of food service or food court or even a restaurant on the ground level. it's a tough corner because of the parking structure across the street from the hospital, but we'd like to try to activate it at least set the structure in a best position possible to activate it in that way. at the other corner of the building that i mentioned, this is the entry if you're coming west ward along 16th street and you're headed towards the building, this gives you a sense of again stepping back away from the freeway. there's a grander sense of arrival and mission bay than there otherwise would and again mission bay is very heavily pedestrian and bicycle traffic street providing opportunities to stop and rest at this point. so, we go to the elevations which is the next page in your package. in addition to creating the open spaces at the corners sw creating the breaks between buildings, each of which is about 40 feet in width, we also did things with architectural materi
a three-quarter vote for us to issue more bonds. in addition to what julie has mentioned, while we want to constrain the costs, we have also been achieving a great deal of savings on our revenue bond issuances. we have refunded every revenue bond that we could, achieving $52 million of rate payer saving over the last three years. in addition, we sold sewer bonds on monday morning and we were the first city department to sell bond since the city's geo bond rating was upgraded. and the market received us very, very well. we saved rate payers over $150 million because of the aggressive bidding buyers wanted to buy san francisco sewer bonds. we achieved foreign rates at about 3.58%. so, while julie and i give you the good news and the bad news, we're balancing the budget and we want to do that to make sure rates stay as affordable as we can. >> another option we would have, too, supervisor, we have an ongoing capital program for our water enterprise and there's been question that some of the improvements in that program could be deferred slightly and some of the wsip improvements could be m
that no more than ten percent would be used for the sale of adult beverages. this is a large store and represents a large foot print and wall green's in intention is to not have a larger area for sales. the other issue i want to call out before reading the other voluntary conditions is when the alcoholic beverages are sold. i received feedback about what had been initially propose for a midnight time for when the beverage would end. they have a couple clubs that we often see a lot of activities related to and folks late at night wanting to purchase alcohol an being able to do that at this site up until midnight. the cvs had a 10 pm closure time with their sales. what we've agreed with walgreen's is the following during thursday, friday, saturday night when there is most activity that sale of alcoholic beverages would be permitted from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.. in addition to those requirements, let me run through other requirements to again make this site parallel to what we did at the cvs sight is we have asked for and wall green's has agreed to all wine bottles to ensure that an indivi
friendly. to meet the standard of our city rather than us conforming to whatever their business model is. that's the reason i attended the pre-application meeting and that's why i've been in communication with project sponsors. * ever since then to try to assure that this had a greater street presence to what they originally proposed. bear in mind those fancy architectural renderings you're looking at are only appropriate if you're in a helicopter hovering over the project site. the reality on the ground is blanch street is a one-way street going eastward towards the embarcadaro. and in general, what you will see on the ground is the backside of this project and the blanch street frontage. so, if you do approve this project, please ensure that bryant street gives back something to the community. thank you. * >> thank you. next speaker. >>> hello, my name is rick carp, i'm the president of cole hardware here in san francisco and i'm asking you to please reject this project based on the formula retail issues. it's been my passion since the early '80s to try to keep big box and formula ret
for a short time, so having someone with tom nolan's experience and to be able to use him as a role model with his interaction with the city is important to us and we do continue to face a lot of challenges at the mta, we know there still is a lot of work to be done, but like tom, i'm incredibly impressed with the agency, i'm impressed with the employees, i have also been impressed with the support from the board of supervisors with the -- so, i'm here to hope that you voice tom's nomination on to the full board and thank you very much. >> are there any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed now. colleagues, -- well, i'll give my thoughts. i think i'm very happy that tom's willing to extend his commitment to this commission. i just met him recently and just talking to him, i realize how much knowledge he has of the situation in san francisco under the mta hospices and that his commitment towards those issues are second to none, so i'll be supporting your nomination. colleagues? >> i too will be supporting the nomination, it was a pleasure working with him on jpb. >>
with this picture? you give us two minutes to speak, and it is like, yeah you can speak for two minutes, but what happened? two minutes, that is it. what about the issues? >> what about the pain? what about the suffering freaked out and... >> there goes that bell again, is that me? my time is up again? two minutes? what is wrong with this picture. come on you guys, do something. thank you. >> okay. we are moving on now to item k, advisory committee reports and appointments. >> i am sorry, i explained at the beginning of the meeting that we will accept speaker cards before an item is called. and now we are now moving on to our next item in the meeting. >> dr. jackson, thank you very much. >> yes, i do know that you are dr. jackson. i am very sorry, but i did read out the rules at the beginning of the meeting and those are the rules. >> i am going to move on to our next item now. >> i am going to move on to the next item. >> okay. i am going to recess the meeting everybody. and when the public is calm again, we will resume.recess th regular board and convene as the financing corporation in order to
. >> commissioner, what we did is that we txed a position in the current budget and so we used an existing position and temporarily converted it but property ject manager is on board so we are adding a position in to put the project manager in. >> in the $250 million request if that does not come to fruition. >> we will just note it, it does not impact the budget because the money is already appropriate ated it is really more informational. >> right. >> if that number is not actually inside of the budget. because we don't, it is already created. >> if the 0.05 fte that was on like the community initiated, so 0.05. that was that is going up 0.15. >> it is going up to 0.15 and we reallocated it from another line item in the historic preservation. >> what 0.05 mean, you could be divided on the way to work? >> just kidding. >> but, maybe, you know, i don't know if the preservation commission wants more that may be something that if they did not like the $250,000 for the secretary of interior standards perhaps you could ask them for more money for that use >> they have been reporting the response time b
us really going through everything and ensuring that we dotted every i and crossed every t and i know it was a lot of work for their staff. largely, the proposal would amend the municipal election code to incorporate the state law allowing the nomination procedures for city college and board of education for example to continue to be governed by state law but also changing some of the dates for the board of supervisors and for other -- our may yoirl race as well sx, also we made some other nominations according to the advice of elections, around the circulation of badges and filing fees, i would also like to ask the rules committee to consider making some amendments today, further clean-up of this legislation, one is to section 205 and this would push back the nomination deadline for all candidates to match those of the mayor and the board of supervisors so this would be by the 146 day before the municipal election, it also specifies the period by which the candidates and the mayor of supervisor may circulate their nomination papers. section 220 and 260 follow along the lines of this
? it has to be after several years of -- >> of positive revenue news. and then when we do use it, it's only a portion of the deficit. the revenue deficit. we had suggested that the controller provide a more broad summary of all of the reserves and the set asides when the committee goes to five members. [speaker not understood] the kind of rules and policies regarding all of these reserves. since the financial policies were in effect a couple of years ago, we really have made a tremendous amount of progress in establishing reserves that have been looked upon very favorably by the rating agencies and though more importantly we will have money available in the next downturn that will keep us on a more steady footing in terms of how much money and it will prevent big cuts and layoffs. so, i'm available to answer any additional questions and we will definitely be with you on a weekly basis and provide you with updates as they occur. >> thank you. colleagues, any further questions? thank you very much, ms. zamuda. and ms. howard, i know you spoke earlier. we asked you about the kind of impact on
maintenance here and other garages that it would be more appropriately used for? >> well, that's what this bond issuance is for, in terms of an mta wide, so we can address concerns related to all the garages, not just japan center. or sutter stockton. so, that is our main concern, is that knowing that not only this garage needs improvements, but city-wide as well. >> i understand that, but that seems to me like you're taking bond money, then, and transferring it through a wheel to operational expenses. to the budget analyst analyst. >> mr. chair, as we understand it, the bonds that have been issued are taking care of their capital improvement needs. * so, this in effect winds up as surplus and can be transferred for operating expenditures to the mta. so, they're not short changing their capital needs as we understand it. >> thank you, i appreciate that. i guess my question is but by issuing the debt, you say you're not short changing the capital needs, but tame point in time you're [speaker not understood] and you're issuing bonds against it for operational expenses. you're floating b
. >> yes, this train has left the station. >> yeah. >> it is happening fast, but a lot of us think, why? why did it take so long? again, a lot of thanks is due to the people in our code advising committee and a lot of people who have worked on this for many, many years and for some of us on the commission as long as we have been on the commission we have been talking about it. it is overdue and i am support of it as well. i am just concerned with a couple of things maybe that some of the legislators have not discussed and if they have, maybe they could let us know about it. one was we know that a lot of the buildings the main part of the construction is going to take place on the ground floor where it is mostly parking garage and things like that. but we also have some small businesses that occupy some of these spaces. and so this located a small business where there is a bar or a restaurant even for six months or a year, that is the depth of their business. they can't just go away and come back. and expect everything to be all right. so i was on wondering if there was any relocation an
and the first african american superintendent until 2007. she came to us during an unsettled time in history and spent years cleaning up our financial weaknesses uncovering problems with our systems and strengthens our administrative infrastructure. i have a photo in my office of her and then general counsel that i refer to as the $53 million photo. it was taken right after we found out that we would be receiving a $53 in restitution and rewards related to our building systems lawsuit settlement. we were able to redo all of the internal systems that had been ineffectively installed. caused by the demise of the company and used that to avoid any layoffs that year. during her time we were one of the five finalists in the 2005 prize for education receiving $100,000 for students scholarships, in 2004, we became the highest achieving urban school system in california as we have been ever since. superintendent included the development of the stars, the student and teachers achieving results program that reorganized the district more equality to oefp most challenged schools. we developed and implem
still remains. so, where we are today, in order to both issue the debt and also for us to issue the debt to refinance the garage debt, and also as a result of a number of recommendations that came from a controller's audit that was performed in 2011, we restructured all the leases. we developed a standard lease form that incorporates many of the recommendations from the controller's office and also other things that we needed to have in place in order to issue the debtorthat we wanted to have in place in order to issue the debt. so, we've been working through the different garages to get the new lease terms in place. you recently approved two leases for -- one for the [speaker not understood] garage and one for the 5th and mission garage. in some of these cases the existing nonprofit entities have decided to change their role and shift to a more advisory structure and that's what happened with ellis o'farrell at 5th and mission. in other cases such as the two that are before you today, the nonprofit has wished to remain in place and continue serving the function that i referenced. so, wh
speaker, please. >> hi, i'm going to be using the overhead fair warning. i did send packets. first i want to start with this item which points out to the question about there were protest on the first alcohol license that walgreen's tried to get at that sight. it's good for one year. that's where the 124 protest come in. we didn't have to go back into the the community to get more. there is 124. that's why they are good in the packet. if abc did not forward it to the police, that's not my problem. the community has spoken through these protest. they are legitimate and should still be counted on 124. okay. the proof is abc recognizes it. again 124. we are not talking about a great store. we are talking about alcohol. this is what we are talking about. we are not talking about all the things the store is going to offer. all the people that came up and spoke in favor of it they talked about the amenities. target says the same thing and any destination store is going to say the same thing. we are doing this and that, it's the same thing but it's going hurt our small businesses. we are talking
to be able to better manage their health condition using exercise programs that have been proven to be effective and there's another program called healthier living which is stanford -- developed by stanford and a six week program, these are the programs that i oversee and work with the staff as well as providers in the community to offer these programs and we are -- and i'm really pleased and happy to be reconsidered and nominated to serve on the food security task force. as you may know, there's still a lot of unmet needs with the city with regard to providing meals to low-income seniors as well as adults with disabilities and being on the task force offers me opportunities to network with other groups, whether they are city government departments or non-profit organizations to be able to do our job a little bit better and think of ways that we can be more innovative and at the same time offer services more cost effectively. >> thank you, any questions of ms. lau? seeing none, thank you. and you're a resident of san francisco? >> yes. >> thank you. next, maria leclair. >> good
of us. i used to be afraid of love. it hurt too much. but what never happened got ripped away the rape the wound, the love i thought it was salt. but i was wrong i was wrong, step into the fire. raise your arms and raise your one billion. 111111 rising rising rising rising ... yeah ... (applause) . there is one more story one of many millions that happen everyday and i bet that each one of us knows an example a real experience like this: so we can stop that. and we are here because of susan b anthony she had a dream as well. >>> one billion rising san francisco is closing this world-wide event and we are going to it dancings and right now i would love to bring back to the stage here x to the microphone mayor lee for the problem we have to get committed. >> are we ready for the pledge? >>> yeah. >> if i can ask all of you raise the hand with the one billion and repeat after me i am one of the one billion rising. >> i am one of the one billion rising. >>> and i pledge that today february 142013, judge and i pledge that today february 1814, 2013, i feel make vi
, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going f
very important for us. we're suddenly becoming inadmissible for that. and the port change has worked hard. and so what is says in the boxer draft is what we want to 80 it to say. we have been dialed in on this and focused on it and we're going to stay on top of it, it's part of my job at the moment >> any comments? >> thank you all for your hard work it seemed like an impossible task but i know it's quite a lot that's been going on behind closes doors. do we have any way of looking at when he look at some of the addressed investments can he track it and see what it saves us long term. i think if you have the deferred maintenance it costs that much more. i guess i'm looking another to get addressed support so we can see how much we're saving by funding those projects sooner rather than later >> the capital side of thing the - i had a note in here on one of the slides. there's about 20 thousand pieces of information. there's just so much and we do track all our maintenance and when those get more expensive it's backed into the software. it's a long term planning horizon doesn
for grace cathedral for welcoming us andel rio tonight will be tans adancing all night long and what better place to rise than at san francisco's beautiful city hall and to celebrate van tine's day on the steps with mayor lee and president chiu and all of the elect of the officials and leaders and jewelery and all of woman in ant violence leader whore here and add are doing this work everyday along side all of you need i thank san francisco for riding san francisco is a very special place to be. as executive director i now live here it's a very special place and she send her love today from the congo. i just spoke to her today before we came on. i want to personally thank every single person in the mayor's office in the d a's office in the department of commission of status of woman, every single agency that works on this issue everyday from the bottom of my heart, and eve sends her love and thank you as well you have made made this rising happen and every single unof you have and on that node, i would like to welcome mayor lee. thank you. (applause) . all right how are you all doing?
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